Anti-personnel Mine Clearance Robots

This area contains documents describing the Minerats project, an attempt to deploy advanced sensor and robotics technology for the detection and removal of anti-personnel mines.

Moore's Law in the Minefield
Talk by John Walker at the IEEE Asilomar 1995 Microprocessor Workshop describing the Minerats project.

Anti-Personnel Mines: Problems and Solutions
Presentation by John Walker at the Hackers' Conference, 22nd November 1996, providing technical background for a brainstorming session on innovative approaches to humanitarian demining.

On September 29-October 1, 1997 SusDem '97, an international workshop on sustainable humanitarian demining was held in Zagreb, Croatia. Printed proceedings of the conference are available free of charge by E-mail to detec@epfl.ch.

Program for a conference held in June, 1995 at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland to discuss technologies for mine detection and removal. A group photo of the attendees, human and robotic, is available. Printed proceedings of the conference are out of print and no longer available.

Geneva U.N. Mine Clearance Meeting Report
A report, written by Prof. Jean-Daniel Nicoud of LAMI-EPFL describing the United Nations International Meeting on Mine Clearance, July 5-7, 1995 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Common anti-personnel mines
Pictures and descriptions of frequently-encountered anti-personnel mines, courtesy of the International Committee of the Red Cross. The wide variety of mines is a major obstacle to detecting them.

Pemex Picture Gallery
Various pictures of the prototype Personal Mine Explorer-BE (Pemex-BE) robot developed at the Microprocessors and Interfaces Laboratory (LAMI) at EPFL. Pemex-BE is just one of a wide variety of robots developed at LAMI. The Demining Technology Center: DeTeC at LAMI is developing sensors and sensor fusion software for high-confidence-level detection of buried mines.

by John Walker